5 Incredibly Convincing Reasons Why Providing “PR Services” Is The BEST WAY To *Easily* Earn Extra Money from Home

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Did you realize that the publicity industry is an $11 billion dollar annual industry and now with the power of the internet, the old ways of doing PR is going “the way of the dinosaurs”.

This means that businesses of all kinds and any website owner in general is seeking ways to publicize themselves online and you can capture your own piece of that gigantic pie.

With the publicity industry expanding at an incredibly impressive and more importantly consistent 8% each year, now is the perfect time to get started generating extra income. And because businesses never run out of events that they can generate publicity for an endless supply of new business for you to profit from.

So what are some types of events that the typical business or website owner that sells a product or service can get publicity for? Well, it varies from anything as simple as a new video that has been uploaded to YouTube, to writing a new informative blog post, to forming a newly forged partnership.

Other types of events that people typically associate with getting publicity for their businesses are large events like major discoveries that can change the world to announcing new releases of products like the next exciting iPhone 6 that will be coming out very soon.

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Justin Mandel
Justin Mandel is a press release expert and a PR software developer.His flagship Media Publicity Generator software has been used by professional publicists, expert marketers, and small business owners in over 40 countries for over the past 7 years. His very first press releases he wrote in 2004 exploded his offline business and filled his office with new clients for almost a full year making him an instant believer in the massive power of publicity. For more please visit MediaPublicityGenerator.com