The #1 Way Internet Marketers Throw Away Their Time, Energy & Money

Wasted time

By now, just about every Internet marketer knows they ‘should’ be using a virtual assistant to free up their time for more important matters like strategizing, organizing campaigns, arranging JVs, creating new promotions, fine-tuning offers, etc.

But, still, many marketers continue doing all the little things themselves. This is like bending over to pick up a penny while dollars drop out of their pockets — and they end up with a big rip in their pants!

Can you afford not to hire a virtual assistant? Let’s take a look…

What is your yearly income? Please write down that amount, because it’s important.

Now let’s say you wrote down $50,000 per year. Have you ever figured out what that means in terms of your hourly rate? It’s easy to calculate. You simply take $50,000 and divide it by 52 weeks. Then you divide that by 6 days (assuming you work 6 days like many Internet marketers). Then, finally, divide that by 8 hours to come up with your hourly rate. In this example, your hourly rate would be $20/hour.

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